How to Score Big Savings on Furniture Stores Online

Furniture Store

Buying furniture can be a daunting task. It is a significant purchase, and you want the best deal possible.

Furniture stores typically discount indoor furniture in the spring and fall before new styles hit showroom floors. This is your best chance to score some significant savings.

Comparison Shop

Online shopping is great for furniture because you can work out all the details from your home without dealing with pushy salespeople. However, comparing prices and checking online reviews of the furniture you’re considering purchasing is essential. Doing so can help you find the best deals and avoid paying total furniture prices. To help you find the best deals, online sites like RetailMeNot might help you through this.

Research the furniture brands you’re interested in before purchasing is also a good idea. Some companies only carry furniture made by one manufacturer or set of manufacturers. Others buy their furniture directly from the manufacturer and then mark it up to sell it to you.

To avoid paying a total price, comparing the furniture’s retail price with the manufacturer’s wholesale cost is essential. Once you know the wholesale cost, you’ll better understand how much you should pay for the piece. You can find this information using a website with the lowest furniture prices.

Shop at the End of the Month

The best online furniture stores include brands that offer affordable and stylish pieces for any room. You can find them all here, from couches to dining tables and office chairs. Plus, many offer free shipping to your home or a showroom.

Shoppers should also look at the return policy when shopping for furniture. The number of people injured yearly by tip-overs from unstable furniture is alarming. To avoid the risk, always anchor your furniture to prevent it from falling over.

During the months before new styles hit the showroom floor, retailers will be pressured to move out their old inventory. This means they’ll often slash prices to sell it all. You can score great deals on furniture during these months, especially around holidays.

If you’re shopping at a store that offers credit cards or rewards programs, sign up for them before purchasing. For example, it discounts your first order after you sign up online. This could help you save more than a hundred-dollar annual membership fee!

Ask for a Discount

Whether shopping online or at a walk-in furniture store, it never hurts to ask for a discount. Since salespeople often earn commissions and have quotas to meet, they are usually willing to reduce the price of a piece of furniture.

Before finalizing your purchase, ask for a lower price, free delivery, waived sales tax, or other incentives. It can be awkward to approach a salesperson and request these things, but it’s well worth the small moment of discomfort.

Some national chains have substantial pricing policies, but independent stores often allow you to haggle the price down. Additionally, local furniture stores are more likely to provide anchoring hardware and instructions with a purchase, which can help you avoid the tragic tip-overs yearly (about 20,500 people are injured annually by falling furniture).

Also, consider joining their email list. Many stores offer members exclusive discounts, including free shipping. For example, some store offers 15% off to new subscribers, while it has a membership program that can save you 25% on all purchases for a yearly fee of a hundred dollars.

Shop on Sales

Sales is a great way to get a good deal on furniture. These are held several times yearly, offering overstock, floor samples, returns, and scratched or dented items at much lower prices. The store still makes a profit on the sale, but you save big.

Many catalog companies have outlet stores nationwide selling items from their main lines at much lower prices. They also tend to have seasonal sales, especially around holidays. For example, you can often save hundreds on bestselling end tables and patio furniture.

If you love a piece of furniture, but it’s priced out of your budget, ask the salesperson if they can help you find a similar item at a lower price. They may have a similar thing in the warehouse or be able to order it for you at a discount. This can save you a lot of money and help you get the piece you want in your home.

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Ask for a Large Discount on an Accessory

When buying furniture, many of us have a love-hate relationship. They besotted while browsing catalogs and imagining pieces in our homes, but reality hits when it comes time to go shopping. It’s hard to find a great deal and even more frustrating when you buy something that looks different in person than on your screen.

When you’re in the process of evaluating furniture, consider asking for a significant discount on an accessory such as a rug or a lamp. Because these items sell slowly, the salesperson will have more incentive to offer a discount than on larger furniture pieces that may sell quickly.

Also, be sure to compare the prices offered by different vendors. Stores with specialized vendors often have lower costs due to favorable relationships with manufacturers or because they run a more efficient business. Lastly, feel free to ask for a price match if you can prove that another retailer sells the same item for less. This tactic can save you hundreds of dollars.